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Live Match September 2019

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Schedule Match | Thursday, 5 September 2019
11:00 PM Italia Armenia
11:30 PM Qatar Afganistan
11:30 PM Irak Bahrain
FT Maldives Guam 1 - 0
FT Korea Utara Lebanon 2 - 2
FT Myanmar Mongolia 0 - 1
FT Yordania Chinese Taipei 2 - 1
FT Hongkong Kamboja 1 - 1
FT Filipina Suriah 2 - 5
FT Yaman Singapura 2 - 2
FT Vietnam Thailand 0 - 0
FT Indonesia Malaysia 2 - 3
FT Srilangka Turkmenistan 0 - 2
FT Palestina Uzbekistan 2 - 0
FT Kirgizstan Tajikistan 0 - 1

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