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Atletico Madrid was originally similar to the video in the modern era relating to Athletic Bilbao but in the early 1920s and Atletico Madrid decided all relations with its predecessor were discussed as a result of a fractured relationship with an independent basketball society from independent Spain from Spain in the war brother in the early 1930s Atletico was finally identified as belonging to the Spanish Air Force with a new name namely the Aviation de Madrid athletic condition which made Atletico always close to many stamps stamps which then played at Atletico Madrid as a military club close to General Franco Atletico gained a lot the advantages of which were the titles in 1940 and 1941 he was then rumored to be full of conspiracies and the political stamps that turned to Real Madrid were not without cause of war requiring Real Madrid as a tool to portray themselves which happened to be in the 1950s Real Madri In Europe, it is difficult to say that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid's rivalry 3 days in the text in some respects is true. However, Atletico is the third most successful team in Spain to deal with the number of league titles to date with 164 times. Real.

Madrid won 87 times for Atletico 39 times and the remaining 38 ended with a draw of the former Real Madrid winger who is also the club's honorary president and currently holds the record for most of the Derby plays with 29 appearances while Atletico's players have appeared the most This derby held by Rodrigues with 27 appearances As for the player who still competes with the record for the most appearances at the Madrid Derby, Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid has 25 matches and coffee from Atletico Madrid with 13 matches for Di Stefano and santillana to become the record holder for the most goals in the Derby with 13 goals while the postal force and Adrian escudero shared a goal record at Atletico with 9 pieces each.