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Talk about one man club is complete lacking if it does not include the phenomenal name of the Rome Wolf team Francesco Totti. The player nicknamed the Prince of Rome has undergone a professional career at the club level with 786 times the extraordinary appearance he achieved with only one team, namely Roma.  in 2012 president el-real revealed that totti was the only player in history to reject football's proposal that it happened in 2003 starting from wanting to play with Zidane and Ronaldo Real Madrid also guaranteed that he would become a Ballon d'Or winner in the future but one simple thing managed to eliminate the hope of Real Madrid to get its services. Is love. his love for Rome and parasympathetic home made it difficult for AS Roma to make it difficult to take Pinangan los galacticos.

Reported via Skysport, he revealed that why he did not move was that many things had changed, he greatly admired the president of the house and his friends and family made him think and made him realize that many things at home that he could not get in Madrid the prince of Rome was a figure of seduction death of Florentino Perez many people who asked him why he did not leave home casually Francesco Totti replied that home is Rome's life is everything is a family home is a friend about the people he loves for him not always get the most League trophies to get the Champions League trophy, not also personal degree questions like balloon d'or. but all of that is always the love of the people around him he feels home fans love him so much he has got what he wants to get Then why should I go the point for this 42-year-old man he has become a hero to his team and doesn't care about any title which he will gain an inspiring story from the figure of Francesco Totti who has given us the meaning of extraordinary loyalty with that loyalty.