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Manso transformed city with an initial scattergun spending policy on marquee signings such as Robinho and an audacious attempt to sign Kaka at this time transfer fees and wages were an irrelevance to the owners this impacted on city's financial performance which moved from a profit of 17 million pounds in 2006 to a loss of 190 million pounds in 2011 these losses were sustainable because Sheikh Mansour was willing to underwrite the losses through a combination of interest-free loans and shares had financial Fair Play rules been in existence at the time than the investment would not have been possible this allowed the Abu Dhabi owners to pump nearly 1.2 billion pounds worth of cash into the club the owners huge investment startled the existing elite of European football who now saw City as a potential threat to their cartel at the top table of UEFA competitions these established clubs put pressure on.

Platini the UEFA president to introduce some method of reduce the rise of new money clubs such as Chelsea city and PSG after much internal haggling and huge amounts of money being spent on accounting and legal fees by UEFA Financial Fair Play rules relating to non-payment of transfer fees were introduced in 2011-12 and then extended in the 13-14 season in the form of a break-even model these rules are now so complex that the latest version takes up to 116 pages of legal and accounting pontification UEFA claim that FFP can be summarized in one sentence financial fair play is about improving the overall financial health of European club football and we were described that one sentence in one word and that word is nonsense businesses go bankrupt due to a lack of cash not profit which is an arbitrary accounting concept open to sleight of hand estimates and manipulation the initial rules restricted clubs losses 245 million euros over three years ending in that period and then 30 million euros from 2015-16 a break-even model calculates losses as income less expenses clubs have three main sources of income matchday broadcasting and commercial it's difficult but not impossible to manipulate matchday income which is the number of tickets sold multiplied by the ticket price and the same is true for broadcast income which is negotiated and distributed centrally by individual leagues and uf4 itself commercial income is different as it represents deals signed by clubs and their business partners the prices for these deals are open to negotiation in the years prior to the Abu Dhabi takeover city's commercial income was far less than their.

Rivals from Old Trafford whose ability to negotiate deals in the back of their popularity and success was ruthlessly exploited by unites American owners this is where eyebrows had been raised in relation to Manchester City Etihad Airways the national airline of Abu Dhabi the place Thomas Cook as shirt sponsor in 2009 this had an immediate impact on city's commercial revenues which increased by 126 percent in 2011 the Etihad deal was expanded to include naming rights for what had previously been known as the city of Manchester Stadium which became the Etihad Stadium along with surrounding training facilities called the Etihad campus.

The agreement was for 10 years at an estimated value of 400 million pounds which included shirt sponsorship as well as the name lies at the time the largest fee for naming rights was just 2.8 million pounds per year by Arsenal for the Emirates and other clubs had tried and failed to secure high-value sums from sponsors the accusation leveled at City is that the Etihad deal.