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People have revised and found themselves in this which more or less has made it immortal in the halls of Naples Naples has the genius of taking maradona around the shot. But the genius of building a company gives a possibility for the community is the obligation, however, to form a strong team to winning say not too good the first year you can't understand it if we want to tell in 1987. And what happens to everyone In short, they hope it will happen because the match is won because the defeated team that always dominates us we are always more aware than the goal near May 10, 87 4 played at 4pm the city of Eddy Naples two gates open one afternoon and a quarter of the afternoon the stadium was full and there were for all these afternoon afternoons. Their trumpets make the climate of great euphoria and great fear and also mistrust are the things they have made the history of napping and then there is the final roar of victory they actually pinch the pizzica to say here we are, this is the fact you also share food with people you don't know are big now we can really celebrate.

We can be proud of what we face actually we always from Vesuvius come out whatever trich can be done humans created to celebrate candles like he bathed in fountains every organized banquet district for the road to remove me colorful people the blue dog for the first time the city completed the great action was unforgettable because, I have seen people of all ages from children up to people from 90 years set on machines for the road there is no city street corner and in where it was not celebrated an extraordinary funeral parade they prepared coffins with many social colors from the teams from the entire juve quota that was in Milan from the start when the whole series and carried on the shoulder of the Roman road for a fashion show with the priest who practically blessing all the other standard teams a naples means to you at this point my house at home feels and therefore satisfaction is good because I've closed also a career that I have the chance to play with the biggest players.

Therefore the world was divided to live with him and to share this with precisely the purpose this success did not make a promise but said it was ontario when we won the championship but to use it, it was luck to get Marano na's band to bring us to victory from the Scudetto for the first time to unite every inhabitant of this city there is one connection that has been formed greater than the history of humanity in my opinion and there. Then there were two other historical successes at that time the UEFA Cup victory was very important competition and then this second championship was the second championship I had first taken 87 which in our opinion made it in 1990 I said a few months this 87 had been here until 1987.