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Liverpool's excellent defensive record was due in no small part to Ulster Minh Elijah Scott a revered figure at Anfield between the wars he made 467 appearances and nearly as many great saves his rivalry with Everton's Dixie Dean another hero of that period was part of Merseyside folklore the defense the great goalkeeper commanded included two other Liverpool stalwarts Ephraim Longworth who captained England and Don McKinley the Liverpool skipper in those championship years in 1926 South African Gordon Hodgson joined Liverpool and in the next decade set a club record of 240 goals all but eight in the league but it was Everton who were mercy sides next champions the seams at Goodison Park when the neighbours met in October 1927 reflected the passion of following for the two clubs and there are their intense rivalry Goodison had staged the first Merseyside derby in 1894 soon after Everton moved out of Anfield and by now the partisan feeling for the two clubs even divided families on Merseyside this was the year Dean 60 goals propelled Everton to the League title while Liverpool finished a modest 16th but League position has never mattered when the Reds and the Blues meet only the occasion and the result the pact Goodison stance or a 1-1 draw that day and later the same season the team's drew again this time three three at Anfield with Dean getting a hat-trick that was the last time Liverpool fans on the spy and cop were to get wet at a derby match a new roof was built over the famous terrace in the summer of 1928 the 30s were an unexceptional time for Liverpool they kept their first division status but lost their founding father Honest John McKenna who died at the age of 81 for over 40 years he'd been one of the games leading administrators not just with Liverpool but also with the Football League of which he was president for 26 years and with the FA it was McKenna.

Who largely established Liverpool and his contribution is on permanent record at Anfield also in 1936 George Kay came from Southampton to take over as Liverpool manager in the thre seasons before the war his team included at right half a certain Matt Busby top left who was later offered a coaching job at Anfield but Busby had already made a commitment to Manchester United between 1939 and 1945 life on Merseyside changed as abruptly as in all the big cities in the Blitz and Liverpool sustained more than its fair share of damage but when League football resumed this team were the first post-war champions an early indication of Liverpool's intent came in their third match Billy little scored his first league goals in the 74 thrashing of Chelsea and suddenly Liverpool were chasing the double.