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Town united or city and call themselves Tottenham Hotspur not knowing then that the aristocratic ring of the name was to manifest itself in the stylish football the club was to play in the next 100 years the group of them very good players and good I mean by could by their willingness to be advised really the thing that changed it completely was the buying of players like white and Makai and Bill Brown geez they were the men that really changed everything. So Nicholson the player became Nicholson the coach building his team around arguably the most influential player ever to wear the Tottenham shirt to the vision and wisdom of Danny Blanchflower Nicholson added the mercurial ball play of Scotland John White also from north of the border to the peal of Thunder came Dave Makai chief Jones Excel dispersed when the championship in a canter now they marched on to Wembley and the FA Cup final the preliminaries over the teams took the Veals and leave champions Tottenham Hotspur that is that Spurs and nobody else this century have achieved the done but amid the celebrations talking about already thinking ahead to the European Cup and to the bold inspired signing of Chile.

Greece the greatest goalscorer of his generation solids that the one thing we've got to do is to give everything Spurs on the right and the teams come out of the field forty-five minutes of some of the best play Wembley's ever seen pass or too quickly Spurs have the lead again it's all over Spurs of one returning to the keeping of Tottenham Hotspur the most coveted of all spotting trophies the ballers of the magic feet of Jimmy Greaves give their one prefer and he plans flour his brilliant team make football history the only English team to bring the European trophy to Betty there like this just put his his thumbprint on everything that's good about something they get a few create managers bill name's scooter Zenit Franks all shot into the net fella soon chelsea won london's old rivals have given 100,000 Remley a final to be long remembered the KY recovered to captain Spurs to the FA Cup in 1967 the team now included, Jennings England and Guilds Eden but it was a 15-year old schoolboy in the crowd, who would be the next Tottenham captain to receive the FA Cup Spurs reached for Cup Finals in Hammond's first four years as a regular and here they come the Spurs from the first division. 1971 this with a cop the utha cup was clinched against wolves in 1972 by the powerful Martin shippers that this and - leaker still Nicholas and the perfectionist short of the swaggering standards he'd set he resigned in 1974 and Terry Neal had two years as Spurs manager.