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FT Inter Juventus 1-2
FT Barcelona Sevilla 4-0
FT Saint-Etienne Lyon 1-0
FT Mallorca Espanyol 2-0
FT Fiorentina Udinese 1-0
FT Monchengladbach Augsburg 5-1
FT Celta Bilbao 1-0
FT Southampton Chelsea 1-4
FT Man City Wolves 0-2
FT Arsenal Bournemouth 1-0
FT Atalanta Lecce 3-1
FT Roma Cagliari 1-1
FT Bologna Lazio 2-2
FT Lille Nimes 2-2
FT Wolfsburg Union Berlin 1-0
FT Valladolid Atletico 0-0
FT Rennes Reims 5-0
FT Newcastle Man Utd 1-0
FT Torino Napoli 0-0
FT Eintracht Bremen 2-2
FT Sociedad Getafe 1-2

They have high hopes from the English FA Cup now that all hopes are crushed like the lives of their seven best players, three days before the place brought photographs of confident teams leaving for Belgrade pictures that remind us that with them there are 8 of North Korea's best sports reporters who will never see home again remember that Busby led his children to the Wembley region for the Cup final on a brilliant spring day Roger Byrne in a simple shirt, their captain
against Aston Villa United has become league champions and that their day comes in Ace releases double Manchesterian winger John Berry defeated his player and gave Tommy Taylor a fine pair of luck against United when an accidental collision with villa McParland robbed them of goalkeeper wood in the 7th minute McFarland recovered soon but Ray Wood had to be carried off for while the placement is taken by Jackie Blanchflower and excellent for Matt Busby to train his players to be versatile being a short man did not prevent United from attacking again and again Tommy Taylor was there fighting and Eddie Colman to Ray would soon return to playing on the right wing and his colleagues concentrated on the left to give him the opportunity to restore them to continue the pressure on the goal of a male villa lower than girly Sims will overwhelm the bills of Whelan and Roger Byrne so that Manchester United are their best tactics.

Manchester's only effort came from a corner which Duncan Edwards gave Tommy Taylor for an incredible header to the top of the Aston Villa goal which was won by one goal, but Busby's children did not need to be embarrassed because they had lost the only side history. to win the FA Cup seven times no one can guess the tragedy that awaits runners-up less than a year Duncan Edwards injured bill Fuchs injured Mark Jones killed wood ray injured Eddie Colman killed David Pegg killed Dennis varlet injured Tommy Taylor killed Roger Byrne Kill Bill Whelan killed John Berry who was injured while trying to suppress Matt Busby fought for his life, the secretary of the Air Creek Mayor team was killed by Manchester since the news reached the city and the morning newspaper was sold as soon as possible to print as if every family in a city of 3/4 of a million people had suffered personal losses and indeed so at Old Trafford the saddest football ground in the world, the flags. flying half-mast and on hundreds of other soccer fields other flags dipped in sympathy for this disaster is perhaps the most tragic single blow that British sport has ever experienced.