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Certainly not complete when we have discussed the history of world football but did not discuss the history of Indonesian football by him as an Indonesian must know what the history of Indonesian football is like the history of Indonesian football is certainly inseparable from the role of other nations who have colonized or traded in the region Indonesia was the first time in the history of Indonesian football that China introduced the soccer game to Indonesia to show that the Chinese bamboo curtain country was also not superior compared to countries in Europe such as the Netherlands.

In addition to having the desire to trade in China, it has a big share in the history of Indonesian football. It has been noted that in 1915 there were many clubs or football associations established and founded by Chinese citizens. Even in 1920 there were clubs such as UMR Jakarta and Surabaya which had already became the greatest club in Indonesian football in the name of Indonesia, the greatness of Indonesia at that time turned out to have participated in the World Cup arena in 1938 and hopefully Indonesia could return again after so long not joining again in world soccer in the history. Indonesian football there are some important events to note, namely the establishment of the Indonesian soccer association tasked with overseeing football clubs in Indonesia, named PSSI or the whole Indonesian soccer association which was established on April 19, 1930 in Yogyakarta. PSSI was established before participation in a world cup performance in 1938 in France.

There are things that must be noted. In the history of Indonesian football, where there was a dispute between PSSI and to decide who has the right to participate in the World Cup match in France at that time, Soeratin sosrosoegondo wanted a match between PSSI but would recognize the PSSI and F cooperation body so the name who was brought to France not Indonesia but the Dutch East Indies in the history of Indonesian football there is also a figure who is an important figure behind the emergence of PSSI Soeratin sosrosoegondo who is an indigenous child who has attended education in a German technical school. In October 1928, according to him, football was a very appropriate way to increase the spirit of a sense of youth nationalism to fight the Dutch colonialism, then it was Soeratin Socroegegondo who also severed mutual relations.