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At that time Soccer was played to physically train the soldiers At the same time it became entertainment when the Emperor's birthday celebration. The ball used at the time, was made from the intestine and animal skin. More modern football was first developed in England. basic rules in football.

In 1365, the British King at the time, namely King Edward III banned the sport of football, because it caused a lot of violence during the game. During the 1800s, the Football Game was carried by sailors, traders and British soldiers to various parts of the world ... in 1904 the World Football Association or FIFA was founded in Paris, France. With members from Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In 1930 the World Cup began to be held in Uruguay. Which was attended by 13 teams.7 Teams from South America, 4 Teams from European Continents and 2 Another team from North America. And the host Uruguay became the Champion at the time, the BBC became the first television station that successfully aired a football game in 1938. Then, in 1966. The replay feature began to be used on every goal that occurred in TV broadcasts. Football continues to grow until now. And become the most popular sport in the world.